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xXx ..hello everyone.. xXx

i just joined. Im Brytnee, 16, from NY.
Everyone tells me im stupid for being sxe. They're like... "how do you live? havent u ever tried it? will u ever? BLA BLA BLAAA so on..." its tiring. im like.. i have better things to do, that arent gonna screw up my health.
This boy i know, Brian, who i love very much, does E and all that shit, and i try telling him its gonna screw him up, i dont want anything bad to happen to him, and he says he wont listen to me because ive never done any drugs, so i dont know what im talking about or something. He says he might listen if i had a bad experience with drugs or something. But since im just sxe, he wont listen to me. Yea pretty much the same with the rest of my friends. Well i hope i make some friends here, feel free to add me to yr list if u want to. :)
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