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xXx ..hello everyone.. xXx

i just joined. Im Brytnee, 16, from NY.
Everyone tells me im stupid for being sxe. They're like... "how do you live? havent u ever tried it? will u ever? BLA BLA BLAAA so on..." its tiring. im like.. i have better things to do, that arent gonna screw up my health.
This boy i know, Brian, who i love very much, does E and all that shit, and i try telling him its gonna screw him up, i dont want anything bad to happen to him, and he says he wont listen to me because ive never done any drugs, so i dont know what im talking about or something. He says he might listen if i had a bad experience with drugs or something. But since im just sxe, he wont listen to me. Yea pretty much the same with the rest of my friends. Well i hope i make some friends here, feel free to add me to yr list if u want to. :)
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Dont tell people to be edge its just like if someone tells you to drink you wouldnt like it cause its your choice just like its his....
yea dont try to force people into that kind of shit... I'm edge and I hate when people are like yea come on drink or smoke weed... and shit I have friends that do it.. I don't
i wasnt telling anyone to be edge it just bothers me when my very close friends use drugs/drink b/c its hazardous to their health and their lives so i dont think its wrong or whatever to tell them to stop.
Let them make their own choices...

I'm sure it would piss you off if people were like yea c'mon do drugs. Lets go drink.. Telling people not to do drugs is the exact thing just on another subject..

Peace, love

um, no... because see, drugs are hazardous to your health, correct? they can be extremely addictive and harmful and many times even deadly. right? right. so theres no reason why i shouldnt show concern to my loved ones who use them. I kind of dont want any of them ending up hurt or dead. its not that hard to put together...
Being straight edge is a good decision in life, it can help your health, and keep you out of trouble. I'm just letting you know how I feel about what you posted. Logically, if someone tells you not to buy and Nissan car and you ask them why, and they don't give you any reason, just that you shouldn't because they 'heard' they are bad... then logically you wouldn't take their opinion to have much worth without them having actual experience themselves. In the instance that you asked them why and they replied with, "I've had a Nissan, and the power windows screwed up on it, and the transmission dropped after a measly 100,00 miles" Then you would take what they had to say in much consideration, because anyone with common logic would know how much a statement with valid experience is worth. All I'm saying is, that if you don't have experience in a certain area, it's fine to go by whatever you 'believe in'...but 'believing' isn't really the same as the pure unadultrated truth, and logical people won't usually put much validity to your statement for lack of experience. Basically, your friend is doing what any logical person in a situation like that would.
um, sure, i see what yr saying... but thats entirely different.
it's just common knoledge that drugs are hazardous to your health, AND illegal. So i dont think i did anything wrong by telling my friends they should stop. Its the same thing as this: if you saw you're best friend or someone you care about, cutting into their arms with a razor, you'd tell them to stop, right? because they're hurting themselves, right?
It isnt much different.
Exactly, you have better things to do. Better things to do rather than killing brain cells.