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Straightedge Tattoos [06 Feb 2006|02:16pm]
I am producing/directing a documentary on straightedge. I am looking for someone who is planning on getting a straightedge tattoo in the next couple of weeks within a few hours of the Cleveland, OH area. If this is you and you wouldn't mind being videotaped, reply here or contact me at cbogen@gmail.com for more information.


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[18 Aug 2005|01:42pm]

So now that hellfest isnt happening, we have a lot of merch that needs to move.

We're a new clothing company, geared towards straight-edge stuff.

Check out our designs, we got some good stuff.

I've Got the Straight EdgeCollapse )

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[15 May 2005|10:19am]

What does everyone think about being vegan and being sXe?
I'm not a vegan, but I'm still sXe. [I follow the rules of not frinking, not do drug, and not having sex until you're married.]
I love eating meat, and I probably couldn't live without it.
What are everyone's views on that?

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SXE BRACELETS ,,, [09 Apr 2004|06:26pm]


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new. [31 Mar 2004|06:01pm]

[ mood | mellow ]



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west palm beach niggaaaaaaaaaaaaa [28 Mar 2004|01:35pm]

yo i'm from west palm beach (561 represent! hahahaha) i'm lookin for a drummer, bassist, and possibly a second guitarist. me and my boy of 4 years are starting a hc band in the vain of vietnom, sworn enemy, youth of today (when they still held their ideals close to their hearts), sick of it all, madball, kid dynamite, etc. etc. if anyone wants in on this, do one of the following:

hit me up (billy):

AIM- rebuildingromex
yahoo- xfrozen_at_birthx
email- xfrozen_at_birthx@yahoo.com

or hit up will:

AIM- valkin red
more info. coming soon..

thanks again doods.

x btk x

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..... [03 Feb 2004|09:30pm]

[ mood | blank ]

weeeeeee!!!! nj sxe here... just wanted to say hi! ::waves::


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[15 Jan 2004|07:05pm]


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[02 Jan 2004|03:31pm]

ladies and gents finally we got the hawtest rating community just for the truely beautiful.

have fun...
first five to submit a complete application are automatically in...


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[24 Dec 2003|03:29am]



this band is totally relevant

XTru DatX
theyre a sxe old school band from st.simons island, GA.
(think crossxcheck meets barfight&crucial attack)

you can hear them at www.hxcmp3.com/x_tru_dat_x

thanks so much guys. we're tryin to get their name out, so if you like them tell your friends.

feedback is welcome too!

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COMMUNITY OR NO COMMUNITY...? that is the Question [11 Mar 2003|01:36pm]

ok heres the deal;
This is not by any means an advertisment. This is to notify all lj users in communities that i am a part of... or just simply my lj friends that I (xthosewordsx) will be creating a new community for everyone to use. It will be a community all about arts, such as writing, painting, drawing... anything considered ART. This community is completely run by you *the lj users* the only thing i run is adding friends and modifying the backgrounds and colors and what not. This community will be made up of the writer's *the lj users* and everyone sharing there thoughts by comments. It will not be used to slander the writer... (mainly on the fact that what the person writes is ART and I'm sure everyone will agree that art is an expression and we as people and artists, do not believe that our thoughts and feeling are right or wrong. Nor can ART be graded on. Yes, you are to share your opinions, but basically just respect eachother complete to the way that you would like to be respected. Otherwise.. DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU PLEASE IN MY COMMUNITY.
This community will be used and viewed at your own risk so please keep that in mind.
but please just for the respect of all others (male or female) NO pornography... thats all i ask..

This Community about to be made within the next week will be completely run by you
the lj users.

If you believe that this will be something that you are interested in: please go to my lj
user: xthosewordsx

comment yes or no in my entry titled

"COMMUNITY OR NO COMMUNITY that is the question"
it will explain the idea a little further

once i have at least 50 people agreeing to join then that is when i will create this community for all of you. Please comment in my lj and let me know your thoughts. Also, remember to tell your friends that you are all welcome in. Get your friends friends to join.
You dont have to write at all. Maybe you'll just wanna sit back and read or just share your thoughts. theres nothing holding you back. Feel free to join just for the hell of it. This will be for you all. No matter writer, painter, sculpter, photographer anything... Or just the simple passer-by

*also feel free to just add my lj to your friends list if this community isnt for you. but like i said... theres nothing holding you back.
comment and let me know so i can tally up all those to be added as friends.

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[06 Feb 2003|08:15pm]


i cant even comprehend that.
terrible. absolutely horrible.
i dont even know what to say.

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[28 Jan 2003|03:59am]
I dont know if you guys have heard, but some boy overdosed on a mix of drugs while on webcam and chatting on IRC. I wrote something about it if anybody wants to take a look, its really depressing and fucked me up emotionally >=\

It really shows you what a few words can lead to and what a positive influence might be able to prevent. One true friend. I posted this in the other Straight Edge communities aswell.


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i just noticed [20 Jan 2003|03:16am]

[ mood | tired ]

the last post in this bitch was in October. Does anyone even look at this anymore?

staying sXe

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Hola, me llamo Sarah. Como estas? [24 Oct 2002|11:26pm]

Man I wish I knew the code of an upside question mark, but I cannot think of it at the moment.


*wave wave*. I am uhm .. new here. I guess. Joined sxe a while back.

My foot is asleep. *moving on*.

Soy hXc sXe, Vegan, no asprin, no caffine, all that fun jazz.

Well, just wanted to introduce myself. And I couldn't think of a lamer way to do so than actually doing it.

Ahh, well I am going to go. Play some Final Fantasy X with Mel and listen to the Spice Girls song that just came on. *dances*.

(Two Become One, by the way. Hahaahahaha.)

...I wish I brought God Forbid with me. *cries*.

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xXx ..hello everyone.. xXx [05 Aug 2002|10:14am]

[ mood | blah ]

i just joined. Im Brytnee, 16, from NY.
Everyone tells me im stupid for being sxe. They're like... "how do you live? havent u ever tried it? will u ever? BLA BLA BLAAA so on..." its tiring. im like.. i have better things to do, that arent gonna screw up my health.
This boy i know, Brian, who i love very much, does E and all that shit, and i try telling him its gonna screw him up, i dont want anything bad to happen to him, and he says he wont listen to me because ive never done any drugs, so i dont know what im talking about or something. He says he might listen if i had a bad experience with drugs or something. But since im just sxe, he wont listen to me. Yea pretty much the same with the rest of my friends. Well i hope i make some friends here, feel free to add me to yr list if u want to. :)

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Codes [12 Jun 2002|04:03pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Does anyone have a Live Journal code I can have...please?

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mp3's [21 Apr 2002|01:17pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

anyone know any good hardcore bands I should take a listen to? I need some new music to download

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[16 Apr 2002|12:53pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

at school we have to wear ID tags... on mine i have a blue button with 3 black Xs on it. some kid came up to me in the hall today and told me that he was happy to see the button... because there are few of "our kind" still left.

how depressing.

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[11 Mar 2002|03:41pm]

I hate how people mock the edge...

Like for example..when you KNOW they do drugs/drink/smoke, yet they're like "i'm straight edge". It's so immature.

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